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C H A R L E S  S A N D F O R D

I am interested in transformation. In where the story we are looking at, whether it's through film, theatre, music or art meets our own personal story. How do these stories work on us and how do we allow them to incarnate. I believe the character finds you for a reason and manifesting it into art is a case of listening to what wants to live. 

At art school I felt like a fraud so I took on the persona of the artist and began to re-enact pieces I thought were perfect. Art history as a script, the works of others as a map for self realisation. This has never stopped, I went onto train as an actor and fell in love with the physical, psychological and collaborative nature of it, with building characters and worlds. I'm fascinated in what makes people tick. 

BA(HONS) Fine Art, Kingston 

MA Theatre Lab, RADA

Actor/creator with: Animikii Theatre & Theatre RE.

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