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E M M A  B O N N I C I

The seeds of the work I do as an actor, singer and teacher are sown in the soil of Grotowski inspired Polish physical theatre and its approaches towards integrity of performance, polyphonic music and the ancient power and stories of music rooted in people, landscape and tradition.

Emma’s work as a performer and teacher is rooted in her 10 years living and working in Wroclaw, Poland, with the Grotowski influenced Polish physical theatres, Song of the Goat Theatre and Teatr Zar. It has taken her on research trips searching for and learning songs and music from polyphonic traditions in Georgia, Corsica, Sicily and also the old folk traditions of Armenia and Scotland.


Her early meeting and work with Siberian folk music and the Irkusk Ensemble changed her understanding of music and gave rise to her firm held belief that old traditional music has encoded in it stories, topography, history, and life lived.

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