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E A R T H  M O V E M E N T  L A B

T H E  G A T H E R I N G

“This animal body, for all its susceptibility and vertigo, remains the primary instrument of all our knowing, as the capricious earth remains our primary cosmos.”
― David Abram, Becoming Animal

Earth Movement uses nature as the central training environment. It explores the roots of human movement, excavating the physical dynamics of the human-animal. Its work is devoted to enhancing each individual’s connection to nature, developing cognitive and physical approaches to how we see, feel, play and explore within the natural world. Its work has five central research branches: Squatting, Vaulting, Climbing, Tracking and Stillness.

Each day the group make their way to a new location in the depths of the forest. There, we explore training, connecting to the primal force of our bodies. Games and physical tasks evolve, as we research moving and transforming across complex topographies. Slowly we become animal, learning how to work closer to the ground like a fox or sprint at speed like a deer. Within the Forest of Dean environment are many non-human life forms including boar, roe and fallow deer, fox, badger and a myriad of birds. We will explore how to move silently within the forest, and longer improvisations will focus on transformation, studying animal behaviours and modes of travelling to engage forgotten ways of listening, being, and becoming. 

Earth Movement seeks to re-establish connections with nature and its essential place within the structures of modern living. It is an active training, seeking to evolve our physical, spatial, emotional and spiritual perceptions of the living world.  

Crucial to The Gathering Residencies is how the community come together at the end of each day, sharing meals, practices, and have the opportunity to critically reflect individually and collectively upon discoveries and personal revelations. 

C O U R S E  L E A D E R 

H E N R Y  M C G R A T H

Henry’s work has roots in the rich training traditions of the Polish laboratory theatre, a thrist for enquiry and personal excvation within the supportive constructs of community. Each exercise evolves into the next, a journey that invites individuals to more deeply listen and allow their unique creative expression to manifest.

N E X T  C O U R S E

3rd - 8th  J U L Y  2 0 2 3

L I M I T E D  P L A C E S

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