"Tenderly now, let all men turn to the earth"

Nancy Wynne Newhall 

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ÒRAN* is a laboratory theatre community based in the South-West of England dedicated to the artistic investigation of the human spirit and our connection with the natural world.

A cross-disciplinary training-based company, we draw from the skills and disciplines of a diverse range of artists to enrich and empower the creative process.

Our theatrical events arise from the process of a devoted research and excavation. 

*Formerly Eden’s Cave Theatre




The Work Centre is the training and research branch of Òran Theatre and offers workshops that hold artists in community while they develop their craft, focusing on artistic practice and excavating the inner and outer processes of the performer.

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ÒRAN is developing a new theatre work, entitled Forests that explores the connection between people, ecology and environment.


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To support the laboratory-nature of our work, ÒRAN is delighted to be working closely with carefully-selected centres, professionals and establishments that share the values of our ethos.