E D E N ' S   C A V E  is seeking to connect artists, through workshops, through residencies, through the transformative work of storytelling, acting, movement and voice.   
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The Actor’s Laboratory is a research space devoted to realising the raw, sacred, infinite and empowered art of the actor’s total craft. The AL is an ever-evolving space, seeking to deepen and expand its research through a dedicated excavation of the actors inner and outer processes. Every actor is offered a facilitated training to probe ever-deeper to discover their raw, distinct and expressive quality.  


Actors are being asked to become ever-more diverse, agile and adaptable in their work, as well as offer qualities that are unique in an industry that is ever-growing. At the same time, the old repertory companies are gone, leaving the modern actor without a devoted training space to return again and again to develop and maintain their essential skills and essence.


Whether you are an actor in theatre or film, The Actor’s Laboratory places the devoted, sacred nature of training back into the actor’s process. It explores what makes the actor unique, navigating with rigour to uncover why these strange and wonderful players are the masters of imagination, perception, play and transformation.


Earth Movement uses nature as the central training environment. It explores the roots of human movement, excavating the physical dynamics of the human-animal. Its work is devoted to enhancing each individual’s connection to nature, developing cognitive and physical approaches to how we see, feel, play and explore within the natural world. Its work has five central research branches: Squatting, Vaulting, Climbing, Tracking and Stillness.


Earth Movement seeks to re-establish connections with nature and its essential place within the structures of modern living. It is an active training, seeking to evolve our physical, spatial, emotional and spiritual perceptions of the living world.  

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