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R E D  B I R D

I am breaking apart like the world.
There is this blackness,

This ram of blackness.
I fold my hands on a mountain.

Three Women, Sylvia Plath

A room. The smell of cigarettes, cold coffee and rot. A man opens his eyes. Bewildered, he starts to investigate. The more he questions, the more he changes. Small actions become wild frenzy. Slowly he breaks apart, descending layer through layer into the void; disappearing almost entirely. And then appears the Red Bird. 

In late 2021 I began the process of creating ‘Red Bird’. Its development has been an extremely private process. I have worked alone - writing, directing, performing, self-filming and editing. It emerged from a powerful experience meeting skin disease in Bogata, Columbia in 2016. It is a true exploration of what it means to allow the deep archetype within to manifest and the transformation that occurs through an ego-death. 

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