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Aercwel Mill is a creative centre with a vision to offer a home and place of research for artists and makers seeking to create work that is meaningful and transformative. The site hosts Eden’s Cave’s ‘The Gathering’ programme, solo and group residencies, and is open for hire from external theatre and film companies. 

Aercwel Mill is built on the principles of community, shared practice, engaging in focussed research, and developing ways to deepen our relationship with the living world.  

Aercwel Mill is the site of a 400-year-old fulling mill, comprising a red sandstone cottage, a former mill building, two ruins, and just under an acre of land. It is situated in the Forest of Dean, which lies on the English-Welsh border.

The site is surrounded by a forest with breathtaking walks in all directions. The area holds rich historical significance, with the oldest surviving blast furnace, Gunns Mill, still intact. A short walk away is St. Anthony's Well, a 500-year-old bathing pool and sacred site built by the Benedictine monks of Flaxley Abbey. Further on, you'll find an Iron Age fort, now an exquisite woodland atop one of the valley's highest points.

These diverse environments and deep forests provide spaces for reflection, personal dreaming, and idea development, making it an ideal location to create a nurtured space for creative work.

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