The Eden's Cave Company is a rural community ensemble and centre for artistic development located in the Forest of Dean. 


Established in 2017, The Eden’s Cave Company is developing its reputation as an innovative theatre company and artistic community, committed to researching theatre and the empowering work of the artists craft. From its base in the Forest of Dean, the company is constantly developing its approaches, with an aim to discovering the power of theatre as a vehicle of transformation. The company seeks to create an environment of devoted research and to bridge connections between theatre, community and the natural world.






We are a devoted community of artists and people working alongside each other to create work that matters. We seek to empower each individual and their own unique artistic expression. We are a dedicated company that is rigorous in its search to understand the times we are living in, and to make work that can bring greater consciousness, humanity, sensitivity and perception to ourselves and our audiences.



Now is the time to speak about the things that matter, now is the time to connect and work with each other. Now is the time to see the living world in a new way, to develop new perceptions, to fight for our world. Now is the time to understand who we are, our histories, myths and heritages, to claim our roots so that we can more deeply reveal who we are. Now is the time to encourage others, to empower voices, to awaken bodies, to bring more sensitivity, awareness, beauty, humanity, dance, song, nature, festival and people into our lives.