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A D A M  C L I F F O R D

Adam is an actor, theatre-maker, percussionist and composer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

He then worked extensively with orchestras and contemporary music ensembles around the world before being true to his passion for acting and moving to Paris to study at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre. There Adam spent a revelatory three years, rediscovering the play of the actor and the innate desire to move while beginning to uncover the connections between different artistic mediums through our fundamental creative source.

Having paved a more authentic path forward, he moved to Poland to work with Song of the Goat Theatre, with whom he created new work and toured internationally.  He is now setting up his own company in the UK to create original multidisciplinary work and is also working closely with Eden’s Cave in both a theatrical and musical capacity. Adam plays the music of Steve Reich internationally with the Colin Currie Group.

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