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We live in a time of discordance and disharmony, an era of illuminated crisis. Many battlegrounds are now being fought, some of which have been pushing for a voice out of the forces of domination for some time and are now, out of will and desperate need, finding ground. We hear an upsurge of voices crying out for change, from the top down, from within to without – people everywhere are taking to the streets demanding change. And something is happening within too, individuals globally are quietly waking, not only to the wider up-swell, but to the voices of their own heart that feel the possibility of living in a different way, of living with consciousness, empathy, compassion – braiding new alliances with earth, bringing ingenuity and care to the way we might live removed from the daily economic assault, and offering our animal bodies a deeper expression.

Eden’s Cave was born out of two lineages of work that believe in the power of personal and collective transformation through art. We believe in empowering the depth of human expression by transgressing systemic narratives that create boundaries of fear and separation and instead are devoted to creating a space where the individual artist, within the safety and possibility of community, can meet the magnitude of their humanity and creativity through their own unique expression.


We believe in the importance of having a sanctuary and home away from the city to cut off, to dissolve, to slow down, to listen. This place can be a monastery of the soul, a cave, within which individuals can find honesty and listen to their own truth away from society.


Throughout history the forest and the cave have been places of the imagination, entrances into the dreamtime for those who seek to tune into the mysteries of themselves and the world. We believe in the power of such a listening.


We create projects over sustained periods of time, allowing ideas and visions to slowly weave into a layered tapestry. We draw on the unique expression and experience of each artist and this meeting of voices provides a collective prism where difference empowers the whole. We are excited to meet new approaches, ideas and opinions that open individual perspective and allows our community to evolve into a dynamic and informed collective.


We are devoted to research, to embodied and vocal training, to the exploration of the human animal and to the individual who brings all of themselves into the work. We believe that through committing ourselves to the act of transformation, we will create a space of shared collective transformation with our audiences.


We believe in speaking into the time of now, to engaging with conversations of the present and to being plugged into the battles and revolutions happening locally and globally. But we are also devoted to the future, and to building a world that transgresses old systems of oppression and structures of toxic hierarchy. We seek to create a space that research’s the performance of the future, to explore what that could be with curiosity, and meet art as a vehicle of evolution into alternative visions.

Eden's Cave

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