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R E T U R N  T O  S O U R C E

T H E  G A T H E R I N G

"Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest"

William Shakespeare

Return to Source is a profound awakening of self in landscape. Held within the framework of a working community, each participant becomes the source of their own research. Through evolving interactions with landscape and other, participants move through a journey of self-excavation, slowly peeling back layers to arrive at a place of truth and freedom.

Participants explore:

  • The expressive body in relation to site

  • The transformational relationship between self and materiality

  • Earth Movement training - exploring tracking, climbing, running and vaulting

  • Games in landscape that awaken the animal self

  • 5-Rhythms night dance

  • Songs around the fire

Crucial to The Gathering Residencies is how the community come together at the end of each day, sharing meals, practices, and have the opportunity to critically reflect individually and collectively upon discoveries and personal revelations. The journey of the 3-days follows the bridge of Separation, Liminality and Return - the Hero’s journey, that holds and supports each stage of the work. The 3-days culminate in a sharing of work in the forest where individuals have the opportunity to be witnessed. 

C O U R S E  L E A D E R S

H E N R Y  M C G R A T H

E L E A N O R  B U C H A N

Henry’s work has roots in the rich training traditions of the Polish laboratory theatre, a thrist for enquiry and personal excvation within the supportive constructs of community. Each exercise evolves into the next, a journey that invites individuals to more deeply listen and allow their unique creative expression to manifest.

The work will be framed by Eleanor’s work on community as ritual practice, setting clear research paths and well planned portals for a deep diving that can be met with rigor, authenticity and humility towards an animistic environment. How we live, cook, eat and clean together forms a major part of the work.

N E X T  C O U R S E

1st-3rd  J U N E

L I M I T E D  P L A C E S

Early expressions of interest to: 

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