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Aercwel Mill is a space that offers creative retreats for solo artists - writers, makers, movement artists and seekers to develop their work and practice. With access to a beautiful studio space, private accommodation, and boundless forest, artists are placed within a devoted workspace where ideas can materialise and flourish. 


We offer solo residencies that are self-led or curated in collaboration with Eden’s Cave. There is opportunity to receive expert input from leading practitioners in eco-somatics, performance, film production, storytelling, ritual and creative producing with the possibility to co-design a residency that serves the artist and the work they are seeking to research.  


There is also opportunity for solo residencies to happen in-part through exchange, with artists in residency working alongside Eden’s Cave to develop the Aercwel Mill site. These exchanges involve working on the land and in exchange receiving access to the studio alongside creative mentorship. 

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